Sunday, 6 November 2011

Lucky me!!

Something a little different this week. When it was announced that London had won the 2012 Olympics, John & Matt volunteered to help with whatever was needed, they heard nothing so assumed they wouldn’t be wanted but, when we got back from holiday, John had an email inviting him for an interview for ‘transportation’. I jokingly said that he would be driving one of those electric carts that you see at such events while he was convinced he’d be driving a coach!! (totally unrealistic of course). Anyway, the interview was Thursday at the Excel Centre, close to the Olympic village.

We both took the day off and drove down to London and all was well until we got right up close to Excel and found it was nigh on impossible to work out how to get in! Eventually we found a kind security guard who we followed to the car park and he showed us where to go.

Before we left home we had a debate over what John should wear. We knew it was to be a one-and-a-half hour interview and he said he ought to wear a suit – who am I to argue? Well, the interview turned out to be a short film which was viewed with about 30 other people, then a chat in small groups afterwards. He found out that they 10,000 drivers!! 10,000. They were needed to ferry VIPs and dignitaries from three points in London to the games and they’ll have a fleet of 3 series BMWs!! So now we wait to hear, apparently people who were interviewed in March are only just being told!

As a special treat, John let me go to the new Westfield Shopping Centre at Stratford – I don’t normally like big centres like that but this one is different, some lovely shops and really open and airy. There weren’t to many people there on Thursday afternoon but I’d imagine it will be heaving at weekends. We started to make our way home about 4 o’clock to beat the worst of the traffic, but boy were we in for a surprise! The promised rain fell and the drive home was a nightmare. Standing water in places on the A12 with more rain falling, I’m just glad it wasn’t me driving!

We’re getting to the reason for the title now! When we got home I checked my emails and there was one from Ticket Master headed ‘Your Strictly Come Dancing Application. I’d forgotten that I’d applied for tickets for the Wembley show which is a special for Children in Need, I knew it was a draw but I’d been successful, as it’s for charity we have paid to go but I’m really looking forward to it – I just hope we will be able to have a good view!

We spoke to Matt today as well, normally we phone him at 9am our time which is early evening for him, but he sent a text saying that he would call us at about 11pm his time – we thought he’d probably be out for the evening and when another text came through saying change of plan, I’ll you about 2am we thought he’d had a really good night out!! But we were wrong! He’d been at work! He’s had a couple of random days work this week and this one was dismantling an exhibition and clearing the space for another, if he’s to stay for much longer he will need more work as he’s running out of money, trouble is he has to pay 30% tax which he’ll get back when he leaves but it makes a deep dent in what he earns.

Only one bag made this weekend, the neck/arm/hand combo is still causing me grief but I’m going to have acupuncture on Wednesday – oh how I hope it works. Three weeks of agony and discomfort is enough I think and I’m really missing sewing of an evening, more than I ever thought I would.


  1. Ohh how exciting! My youngest daughter is currently living close to the olympic site, but will have moved by the time the games begin.

    We went to that Westfield the day it opened (as she lives so close) and I liked it as well, in fact I liked it better than the west Westfield which is a pity as I live nearer the west one..

  2. Good luck on Wednesday. If that doesn't work there's a sports massage lady in Wickham Market who's following me on Twitter

  3. Oh wow how exciting and what an amazing opportunity too :O)

  4. Ohhh you lucky thing - tickets to Strictly!! Please please wave to Robbie and tell him I could quilt him a man-bag hehehe!!

  5. Tickets for strictly, I'm so envious. I've applied for all the shows for the last 3 years and so far haven't been lucky. Hope you have a great day.

    P.S I'm the sports massage lady referred to above.


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