Saturday, 9 July 2011

Fishy Feet Friday!

I’d been looking forward to my trip yesterday for several weeks. It was the day that Janet and I had planned for our Fish Pedicure, neither of us had been before but both wanted to try it. Janet was Project Manager for the adventure and was set the task of finding somewhere for us to go, after much research she settled on this place – Beauty Rituals in Melton. The location for this seemed a little strange as it is in an industrial estate but the place itself was lovely. It’s a beauty salon as well which seems to be a common theme for fish pedicurists (yes, that is a word!!).

We had opted to share the experience which meant that one of us had to shuffle across the bench seat whilst keeping our feet out of the tank – surprisingly I managed this successfully and let Janet have the easier option Winking smile.

I wish I had taken photographs! The whole experience was amazing, the first few moments are hell if you have ticklish feet (which I have – big time) but after a very short while it settles down and becomes almost a buzzy feeling. I didn’t feel as if my feet were even in water – the temperature is just right – even though I was sitting dangling my feet over the edge of the seat. I think I had the best feet for the fishes as they spent more time with me than they did with Janet but I have to say my feet are now feeling probably the best ever! No scraping or rubbing with files, no slicing with scalpels or pushing down on cuticles. I still have a little hard skin around the base of my heels but my cuticles, soles of my feet, back of my heels where shoes had left their mark have all gone – along with my corns!!

There weren’t this many fish in our tank but it gives you an idea!!

So, if you get the opportunity, do find somewhere to have this done – this one cost £10 for 15 minutes. Janet and I would both recommend single sittings though – whilst it was very nice to spend time sitting, literally, cheek to cheek it would be better on your own!

It was Janet’s birthday as well yesterday, so we made the most of the time we had together by having a little retail therapy followed by lunch at The Riverside which her husband kindly treated us to!

The day was rounded of with a visit from son 1 and FDIL for dinner – for some reason I was shattered by the end of the day!!

So that was Friday, today I’m off to Felixstowe to buy zips and thread – why is that, whatever I decide to make, I always need thread that I haven’t got – I’m turning in to Nicola with my stash of reels of thread! (Take a look over at her latest post – she’s already planning Christmas!!)


  1. Looks like you had a great time Heather :) Beth had this done at a salon in Trimley, with a friend and she absolutely loved it. Better get mine done soon!!

  2. I've been tempted but was put off by someone talking about fungal infections and such like! lol

  3. Thanks for the rec. I've been thinking about this for a while and hope to get around to it next month.

  4. Wow! I've heard of these pedicures, but haven't really checked to see if we have any place like this near me! How fun and adventurous for you both!

  5. How weird. I was in Colchester with a friend yesterday and a place has opened up there which is doing it. We didn't go in but it was as much because everyone was staring through the windown so it would have felt like being in a fish bowl yourself.

    I think we'll have to give it a go tho after reading this :D


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