Sunday, 26 June 2011

Suffolk Summer Sunday!

We decided to have a day out today with the prediction of a heat wave! John asked me where I wanted to go so I scratched my head and came up with a few ideas – and agreed that he could do a few caches as well, being the kind loving wifey that I am!

It didn’t even cross my mind to go looking for fabric shops – I think I’ve done enough of that kind of shopping to last me a few weeks so instead John researched some caches and drew up a circular route that would take us up the Suffolk coast and back home.

We jokingly said that we’d go out out at 7.30 and my body clock obviously took me seriously and woke me at 5.50 this morning. But we set off around 9.30 heading towards the first cache of the day in the middle of nowhere (sorry if I don’t sound enthused – I do try, just not very hard!) which was a church down a tiny lane in a small village called Theberton which I have to say I had never even heard of before today. After that we continued down very narrow lanes until we reached the perimeters of Minsmere nature reserve where he had another cache to do. After the successful discovery of the second cache of the day we headed off down the single track lane that led us to the car park and visitor centre to embark on our day out. I had no idea what to expect, we’re not into bird watching and nature particularly, but must admit to having a great time. Being close to the coast it was quite nippy with the breeze blowing off the sea and my hair decided to take a curl in the wrong direction but out of the wind it was very warm.

There are a couple of circular walks, each about a mile, around the reserve and we ambled around for a couple of hours, deafened by the sound of birds shrieking at each other birdsong, we even sat in hides like they do on Springwatch! Took loads of pics – sadly we don’t have much of an idea of what – and returned to the cafe for lunch and decided that, as we had enjoyed ourselves so much, we would have to return and actually signed up to become members of the RSPB!!

Without further ado I’ll leave you with some photos – all that fresh air and exercise has left me feeling exhausted!


A damsel fly ( I think!)


A tree(!)



The North Sea in it’s summer glory!


I wondered if this was a fledgling kingfisher – probably not though!


Can anybody tell me what the flower is??



And that’s your lot for this week! Oh, John took the photo’s by the way – not bad are they? If only we knew what we we were looking at…..


  1. I think that bird is a long tailed tit Heather

  2. oh and that flower looks like Common Mallow

  3. Beautiful! I love the trail photos!!

  4. Ive come over via your brit quilt flickr link. I live in Leiston which is 2 minutes down the road from Theberton. Great pictures. Nice to meet another Suffolk quilt blogger


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