Sunday, 17 July 2011

Own up–who stole summer?

Talk about a wet weekend!! It’s barely stopped pouring since yesterday morning – looks like summer is over!

John was supposed to be going on a circular geocaching trail yesterday, I think it was something like a seven mile circuit, quite wisely he and his friend decided to change direction and go for caches they could drive between! He’s been out this morning though, I think I heard him leave at 6.15, and managed to avoid the rain.

I read an article recently that said that sewing, particularly quilting, was good for the soul. My soul is in need of some goodness so, with that in mind, I sat all afternoon yesterday piecing and sewing hexagons. I’m trying to square the sides now ‘cos I figured a square quilt will be more practical than a hexagonal one! I’ll share more when it’s squared – it’s getting quite big now!

One of my friends at work is leaving this week so I have made her a bag (what else) it’s from one of the fat quarters that I bought in Whitby. I hope she likes it – I’ve finished it off with one of my lovely new labels which I bought from here Smile.


Melanie 2

In other fabric news, I spent some time this morning tidying my stash which now takes about three drawers in the spare room chest of drawers. It’s quite a little habit I’ve got into Sad smile(I know sad), I go from having it sorted in colours to sorted in sizes – yardage (should that be meterage?), kits, fat quarters, smaller-than-fat-quarters-but-not-quite-scraps and, of course, scraps. Did I tell you that I’d created a scrap bin…..Smile

I also bought some yardage from Simply Solids in the sale – I recommend that you visit if you need like good quality fabrics at good prices, free UK postage and no VAT!! Plus excellent customer service, nicely wrapped parcel and delivery within a day or two of sending the order.

I’ve been playing nurse maid to Son1 today, he picked up food poisoning at a works do and ended up with a visit from a paramedic this morning so FDIL dropped him here on her way to work. I use the term nurse maid loosely because he came in and went straight to bed – his trusted elephant, that he’s had since he was born, tucked firmly under his arm – I knew then that he really was feeling poorly!!

So, that’s another week gone – four days to work this week, having Wednesday off for a change, but then two whole weeks without a day off ‘cos the boss is away on her holidays!


  1. love the bag! I have just made one very similar this afternoon too. And whoever said sewing is good for the soul was absolutely right!

  2. Oooo I love your new labels. They look fab.

  3. Love that fabric Heather - I've got a new method for putting on the binding that I can show you at your crafty day - oh, and I think I need to invest in some labels too - now, where is my credit card??

  4. Oh and I forgot to mention - I really like your new blog layout :)


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