Sunday, 11 April 2010

Back to normality…

We’ve had a busy time since the holiday – which seems like forever long ago now! (There are more photos here – I don’t think I posted the link before)

I went back to work on Tuesday, found the place had survived without me while I was away and I didn’t go back to piles of work which was a result. I left John with all of the ironing – don’t judge me, he volunteered!

On Thursday and Friday we had some of our windows replaced by a local company – they did a brilliant job, kept the site tidy, cleared up after themselves and left nothing that needed any further work internally. I thought I’d take this opportunity to change the net curtains as well which we did at the weekend, because my windows aren’t ‘normal’ sizes I have to shorten the nets which normally I do by hand. I had a hunch that Janet over at Just Jotting Along might have a sewing machine which would save me hours of hand sewing – I was right and what normally takes me about four hours took me about 20 minutes. She did warn me that I might have trouble with the tension but the only trouble I had was that the bobbin holder, for some reason, did not like my bobbin which looked identical to those supplied with the machine!

I now have a uniform looking house because the boys both had blinds at their windows which have now been replaced by nice new nets – I hope the neighbours appreciate the trouble we’ve gone to!

As John was taking me to the chiropractor the other day he commented that he’d been on Facebook. Well that’s nothing unusual. Then he said ‘I wondered why you’d written L is for… so I clicked on the link’ He was referring to a recent post, he’d never twigged before that these were links to blog posts. I sat with baited breath. ‘Well?’ ‘Oh I thought it was rather good – how do I read the rest of your blog?’ I was gobsmacked – praise indeed. I had to explain the concept of the Alphabe-Thursday meme and confess warn him about J is for…(here). He then proceeded to work his way through the blog – I think I have a new follower – woo hoo!! While I was looking at the blog on his computer, I discovered that there are parts of the design that I don’t see on the laptop – some of you see a prettier border than I do!!

Son 2 has been away for the weekend for his Lycra wearing Frisbee competition so we have been true empty nesters – it’s actually been quite pleasant, not having to worry if he’s up for work, what he wants for dinner, if he’s come home after a night out or to complain that he hasn’t got up early enough on a Sunday morning! Never mind – he should be home in a couple of hours, we’ve missed him really!

I’m sure there’s more I could Ramble on about but as we went out for lunch I'm feeling a little lethargic now – it’s that in between time, too late for a nap and too early for bed!

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  1. I love that he's reading your blog. How neat is that? Glad you have a volunteer for ironing. I have a devil of a time keeping up with that!

    Have a wonderful Sunday!


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