Saturday, 6 August 2011

Ladies who……

Earlier today I had a really catchy title in my mind for this post, however the sieve that has replaced my memory in recent months has let it leak out and it’s lost!

I hope as I’m writing I can come up with something that tells you what a great day I’ve had today! A few weeks ago I had the brainwave of inviting some likeminded ladies to spend the day being crafty and today was the day we settled on. I suppose I expected maybe two or three friends would say yes please but we ended up with eight of us – and John!

John very kindly rearranged all the furniture a few days ago so that we could open up the space available and this morning we got ourselves ready. We opened up the dining table, laid out the cutting mat and sewing machine, pulled out a box of yarn and awaited our guests. I’d said 10 o’clock for a start time but slowly messages started coming in about people being delayed. The best one has to be the text that said ‘Please tell me it’s tonight we’re sewing’! Poor Trish had got 6 on her mind not thinking that was the date and not the start time! She and her daughter arrived just in time for lunch much to the amusement of those already gathered!

So here is the day in pictures – I think we all enjoyed ourselves, Isabel sort of learnt to crochet with Janet’s help, Sian made one of Nicky’s lovely boxy bags, Julie and Steph enjoyed a bit of show & tell, Trish wasn’t having a good day – instead of bringing her dress to finish she bought the remaining fabric, John got a few photography tips from Trish & Sian and me, well I did some crochet and marked out the half square triangles for my next project.


005 (2)

The sewing end

004 (2)


003 (2)

The other end!

006 (3)

Yes – I left the ironing board out! The sewers amongst you will know that this is an important piece of equipment!


She need a bright colour!!


Don’t show my face!!


See – Nicky used that so important piece of equipment!


I’m not looking up!!

SIan & Nicky

Always happy teaching!


The final result!

Thank you all for coming – shall we do it again?


  1. Hurray - Blogger has dealt with the "issues" and I can comment again. Yes, it was a lovely day and yes let's do it again x

  2. Oh yes please let's do it again!! I had a great time today - hope Sian likes her bag :)

  3. What an adorable bag! I do not have a "stitch" of sewing talent! :)

  4. It looks like you had lots of fun, I love craft days. We have a craft group that meets every wednesday evening that a couple of women from Ipswich have started coming to. Its so much fun to learn from each other


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