Monday, 29 August 2011

Getting together to say goodbye…

…to Son2! He wanted a chance to say goodbye to family friends as I briefly mentioned last weekend. So yesterday was the day, it sort of coincided with John’s big birthday and we had our friends from Colchester up with all the grandchildren and we were joined by FDIL’s mum and brother (who was 18 on Friday).

As usual, we bought far too much food both barbecue and otherwise and now the freezer is overflowing! We had a great day, made even better by the fact that one of the grandchildren who was very poorly, and I mean very poorly, a couple of weeks ago after open heart surgery came along and was able to run around the garden as if nothing had happened – kids are a lot stronger than we give them credit for!

Most of you have probably already seen the photos from last weekend via Facebook but I’ll share some of them here as well. We’re really pleased with the results although they were evvvveeeerrrr soooo expensive – we did the deal when you buy one mounted print and get the CD with all the pictures for half price – I’m not even going to go there with the prices! Anyway, the best print by far was a black and white panoramic of Son1 and FDIL – an absolute killer pic and of course, the only one of the collection not on the CD Sad smile, they had to have it. However the rest of the pics are ours to do with what we will and this is where good old Photobox comes in handy (and, no they aren’t paying me to say that!) I ordered a lovely panoramic of all five of us on Thursday and it arrived on Saturday and all for less than £10!! Just need to find a frame for it now….

me and my boys Aug 2011 blog copy

boys playing Blog copy

5 Blog copy

So onwards and upwards, Son2 flies off on Tuesday week and John and I will take him to the airport but first he has to move out of his house share which means filling up the spare room with all of his worldly goods, *sigh* I love that room as it is now but never mind!

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  1. What fabulous photos!! And your son...ahhh...sigh!


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