Wednesday, 7 September 2011

And the rain came down…

…just in time for our trip to the airport to see Son2 off on his adventures!

We’d had our own adventure before he left, he came ‘home’ on Sunday and bought all his bits and pieces back on Monday – so much stuff! And clothes – he only took one suitcase with him plus a back pack and the rest has been left behind.

The first suitcase split under the strain just as he finished packing, luckily we had a spare one in the loft which was a little larger!

The goodbye was inevitably very tearful but we didn’t want to prolong the agony so said goodbye as he joined the snaking line towards security. I hugged him tightly and said goodbye amidst tears and sobs and we left him to it. As we walked through Terminal 3 at Heathrow, people gave me the strangest looks – I wanted to ask if they’d never seen a mother saying goodbye to her son before! (Yes – I know they had know idea why I was there!)

Anyhow, with the power of the internet and the marvellous book of face, he sent a message once he arrived at Singapore to break his journey, some of which I’m going to share with you – simply because it made me LOL!!

LMAO had an interesting surprise when I woke at one point, the Singaporian(??) man sitting next me, thought it would be nice to lift the arm rest up and fall asleep on my lap, Hmmmmm.

At least he’s retained his amazing sense of humour!(You’ll notice I didn’t share the mushy stuff – have to let him keep his macho public image!)

He’ll arrive in Melbourne in about three hours – 24 hours after setting off on his journey but having effectively lost a whole day in time (it’s Thursday out there already!)

So in a year’s time we’ll be doing all of this in reverse – I can’t wait to stand at the airport with one of those huge banners to welcome him home – mmm – wonder what he’d make of that?


  1. Ooh, better start quilting that banner now!

  2. Oh! I know how you feel.. when my son went to Dubai I was somewhat tearful!


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