Saturday, 28 May 2011

It’s been a while!

This has to be the longest I’ve gone without blogging! I even missed my Blog-versary Sad smile.

No reason though, just been plodding along doing all sorts of stuff and getting on with life in general whilst battling that dreaded middle-aged woman thing, you know the one I mean, don’t you? Mother nature has a very cruel sense of humour, likes life to be full of surprises so that things happen when you least expect them – if you’re there or been there you know exactly what I mean!

Anyway, let’s move on from the workings of my my body clock shall we? So what’s been going on – well, Son 2 turned 21 earlier in the month and we went out for a meal. Just the four of us because FDIL was away on her work placement. We went to a local pub which was his choice, had a lovely time and the boys even started play fighting because Son2 hid Son1’s sunglasses – happy days! Son2 has also announced that he plans to travel to Australia for a year, if you remember the debacle of his trying to get a visa to the US last year you may be pleased to know that the Australian authorities seem to love him and gave him a visa on line within two days of applying! The plan now is for him to go in October. I’m happy for him to go and gain some great life experiences, if he comes back all well and good, if he settles out there I’m happy with that too.

On the making front I’ve been quite quiet, I made this bag for my friend’s birthday – the fabric just cried out to be diamond quilted which took an age but I was really pleased with the result.

Linda blue bag1

Do you remember that I admitted a few posts ago to not telling you about everything I buy? Well time for another confession. I found fabric on EBay. Yep. Remnants. All different sizes. Some big. Some not so. Some absolutely ideal for my hand pieced hexie quilt. Some that will be absolutely perfect for a baby girl quilt that I just can’t wait to start!

I intended that the hexie quilt would be a WIP for many years, with me adding random hexies as I finished a project. I’ve really enjoyed the hand work, for those interested I’m using one-and-a-half inch templates and two-and-a-half inch fabric squares, all tacked/basted and then joined – I love taking the tacking out and removing the paper pieces intact! However I have deviated into using fabric from the remnants that I bought on EBay because I was getting impatient and couldn’t wait to build up enough scraps! I’ve been really lucky with what I bought, good quality cottons including some Amy Butler pieces. In some ways I regret not piecing this in a more constructive way but as I originally intended that it would be totally random I’ll live with it.


Do you like my inventive way of keeping the pieces together?? The bigger this gets the more totally random the piecing will be – seems very blue at the moment!

In other news we are up bright and early this morning because John is awaiting the delivery of a new camera – he’s like a kid at Christmas! Trouble is, delivery will be between 7am and 3pm – hopefully it will be earlier as I wanted to have a day out today but forgot to mention it to him when I was planning it but as he didn’t ask tell me about the new camera I suppose that makes us quits!!

That’s enough for now I think. I’ll try to get back in the habit of posting every week again – if for no other reason that it gives me a personal discipline!!


  1. Your bag looks great - your quilting is lovely.

  2. You must have a lot of patience to make such lovely things like that bag!


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