Sunday, 17 April 2011

It’s a disaaaster dahling!!

Before I get stuck in, I’ve added a new button over there on the right hand side for Brit Quilts – if you’re interested take a click and join the group! I came to it via this blog which is one I regularly read through Google reader.

Disaster struck on Friday. John’s car was due in for service and as it was my day off I ‘volunteered’ to get up at the crack of dawn to take him to the garage which would save him having a hire car which he would then bring home to sit on the drive whilst he walked to work (we live too close to be able to park our car). Anyway, long story short, my car wouldn’t start (fortunately I had the bright idea of checking before he went off ahead of me).

I had grand plans to busy myself with shopping and stuff but instead spent the day sewing – no reveal yet I’m afraid ‘cos I’m making something for somebody who might just read this Winking smile. I was determined that I could make what I wanted to without help and, after much stitching and unpicking, have managed to do just that!

So back to the car. I phoned Son 1 thinking that he might have a set of jump leads – he had some at work and would love to help his poor mother but it would be later. OK no problem. He came round whilst we were out, sent me a text saying all sorted, driven the car round the block – you need to take it for a drive (nothing like stating the blindingly obvious, son). So, we tried to do just that – it wouldn’t start. Son 1 comes back, still it won’t start until the neighbour comes to help – the jump leads weren’t making contact properly so with a little adjustment we managed to get going.

John and I decided that a trip to Felixstowe was the best idea, build up a bit of speed over a short distance. ‘What’s that noise’ says John. ‘Oh, it’s been there for a while – it’s speed related if you listen’ says I (can you tell how much we know about cars?) ‘Oh, it’s stopped now’ says John ‘but the ABS light’s just come on – wonder what that means?’ Well I knew it meant slow down and go home!! ‘Ermmm – just drive carefully, slow down and use the gears – don’t break hard’ was my contribution. The car is now going to visit the repair man tomorrow – no doubt leaving me with a hefty bill.

And then the oven broke. It’s been causing me concern for a while because the door’s not been closing properly but now it’s kaput. After a very quick metaphorical toss of the coin, I decided to go for a new one in view of the age and sat and wondered what would be the third thing to go wrong … I’m saying nothing but keeping fingers crossed.

Do you like my flowers? It was our wedding anniversary on Thursday and John bought them for me.

004So that’s about it really. I’ve got a lovely run of short weeks coming up what with Easter, the Bank Holidays and the Royal Wedding coming up – I’m looking forward to that – I don’t think that I have to work a five-day week for over a month which will be nice!

Have a good week – hope the sun lasts!

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