Saturday, 11 December 2010

Soon be Christmas…

(If you read me through a reader I have made some changes – you’re just getting a snippet now and will see more by clicking on the post title!!)

…yes, I know it happens on the same date each year but Christmas never fails to creep up and surprise me! I still have to buy something for John – what do you by the man who has everything and wants for nothing? (I know you’re reading this!!) Anyhow – I still have two weeks right? Yeah, right – make that a few days!

We’ll be putting our decorations up this weekend. It will be the first time for a number of over 20 years that it will be done without the help of either son, but we are facing a new stage in our life now as Son 2 moves out to share with friends this weekend. Within the space of a year we will become true emptynesters – to be honest I always thought that the boys would be with us for ever with the current financial climate but I have been proved wrong. I’m pleased that they have both grown up to be independent young men, able to make their way in the world.

Moving on before I appear maudlin (‘cos I’m not – I’m really pleased for him, of course I’ll miss him but I will get used to it!), I’ve written before about my obsession with how people find their way to the Ramblings. I find it absolutely fascinating reading the searches that lead people to me but the top line of the picture below just absolute amazed me – I’ve tried it and have absolutely no idea how the search term bought them to me!!


It’s not come out very clear but the words are ‘fer a repasser prix canadien’ which I think translates to roughly ‘prices of irons in Canada’ – I can't remember ever using the phrase! In fact I know I haven't – isn’t t’internet wonderful! So, if you’ve arrived on this post and have no idea how you got here – welcome, nice to have you visit and please leave me a comment just for the hell of it!!

Better get a wriggle on now – lots to do to makes sure help Son 2 with his move!

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