Sunday, 21 November 2010

My first Christmas bit!

Finally finished my latest quilty project – apart from the actual quilting that is!

I used an idea in this book which had been made by my friend Nicola and tweaked it a little. I’m quite pleased with how it’s come out but I still have issues with the finer touches, mustn’t beat myself up though as it still is really early days!

This will adorn my dining room table over the Christmas period, I don’t think it’s too twee and I have been careful to use patterns that don’t clash with anything else!

Brewery Tap Dinner 001


Brewery Tap Dinner 002


Brewery Tap Dinner 003

In other news…I’ve only gone and ordered myself a new sewing machine! I can’t quite believe it myself but I now know that I can’t achieve all that I want to with the one I bought just a couple of months ago. Big gulps now – hope I can use it when it arrives!!


  1. It's lovely Heather! I love that dark rich red. Good luck with the new sewing machine! Kat

  2. WOW!! Your runner looks lovely - well done!! What sort of machine have you ordered?

  3. Now I've seen this runner in real life, it's even nicer than the photograph!!!
    Just wait until you get going on that new machine - I'm very very envious!! :)

  4. I love your table runner - such gorgeous fabrics and a great pattern.


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