Sunday, 26 September 2010

A right old Ramble!

I hope you’re not expecting something exciting this week ‘cos you’ll be disappointed! This is going to be one of those posts where you all think ‘why has she bothered?’

So why have I bothered? Well, from time to time its good to have a little down time, where things go on, life goes by and nothing in particular happens. I’m probably going to wander off on several tangents as this progresses – please bear with me if you can.

You may remember a few months ago that I wrote about Son2 looking to spend some time in the US but was having visa problems. Well, he persisted in his efforts, spending many hours on on-line forums and many pounds in sterling to pursue his dream. He spoke to a solicitor for advice (a pre-agreed fee for an hour long telephone call – not cheap) and she told him all that he already knew – the key was to prove he had links here and that he had to come back. She also told him that he was far more likely to get through if he went to the US Embassy in Belfast (Northern Ireland) as they had less applicants and therefore more would go through. So a couple of weeks ago he duly booked flights for himself & John (moral support) and a hotel, because the appointment was too early in the morning to catch the first flight, and set off to Belfast. He had a much more positive experience this time and was actually afforded the courtesy of being listened to, which didn’t happen  in London, but the outcome was still the same. Now don’t get me wrong, those of you that are regular readers and know me personally know that we love the US and its people and ideals but I don’t know what more they expect of a 20 year old man (gosh it makes me feel old to call him a man) other than to prove that he has a home and a job to come back to. It seems that what is being sought is evidence that he owns his own property and will come back to live in it!! He’s 20, earns a pittance, we’re in a recession – get real! He can’t afford his own property! He wanted to go now before he’s got the financial commitments that his own property will bring. The eagle eyed among you will notice that change of tense there from ‘wants’ to ‘wanted’. He’s given up on his dream and is knuckling down now to earn the money to buy his own property – at some time!

Sorry that was a bit of a rant – ooh I think I feel another! Those of you who regularly blog hop as I do may have noticed a huge increase in the number of posts that are starting with ‘This is a sponsored post’ and they go on to detail how they’ve had a lovely day out courtesy of A, played with toys courtesy of B, received a magical face cream from the lovely people at C, etc etc. I thought the whole purpose of blogging (I may be wrong) was to share your lives, interests etc in a non-commercial way with other like minded people – and yes before any of you tell me, I hosted a giveaway not long ago which I guess was a sponsored post but, my dear readers, one of you was the lucky winner. I benefited not a jot other than to receive a few more comments on the Ramblings! So you’re probably wondering why I’m ranting and thinking I’m jealous of all these lucky people, do you really think so? Could that be the reason. Surely not. I mean, what would I want with toys or a family day out? OK if a luxury hotel offered me the chance for a few nights away in a relaxing location perhaps I would take it…Oh dear, maybe I’m more shallow than I think I am!

I almost forgot to share this month’s Secret Blog Swap with you! Last Saturday morning the postie bought me this package (look very carefully at the wrapping – yep ingenious use of wall paper.)


When I opened it there were all these lovely chick lit books – my very favourite type ‘cos I don’t have to concentrate too hard as I’m reading them!


I did warn you about wandering around as I wrote this! So it’s Sunday today, my crafty creative day. But no crafty stuff until I’ve done the other more mundane stuff like the ironing! I have a plan for the next quilting project but also need to finish my first ‘commissioned’ crochet piece which is for the friend that I call Julie – almost finished J, will be ready for you in a couple of weeks when we meet up to see John Barrowman!

I’m off now – need to get my muddled mind in some sort of order. If I get the offer from that luxury hotel (or Tiffany’s or any other posh label) be sure I’ll come back to you with my tail between my legs and my head hung in shame! Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. I'm so sorry your son is having so much trouble getting a visa. I don't understand the thinking, what happened to young people being allowed to travel before they have to buckle down to "real" life? As for the sponsored posts, I think it may be related to this lousy economy. Peopled are scrambling to make ends meet in any way they can. I have received a couple of sponsorship offers, but to me that would be turning my blog into "work" instead of my way to escape and relax. To each their own I guess. Although a luxury get a way would probably tempt me too:) Kat

  2. It's sad your son was not able to travel, makes it even more annoying when you see how easily people waft into this country - anyway less said the better!

    I've never liked sponsored posts as you never know how "real" the feelings of the writer are, but like you, if one just fell my way who

    I read that book "Are You Experienced" some years ago. I don't really remember much about it apart from the cover..


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